My Date With Lois Lane

kidderby Aaron Einhorn
Well, perhaps “date” is a bit strong of a word, but I got to meet Lois Lane today, or more precisely, I got to meet Margot Kidder, who while she wasn’t the first actress to be Lois Lane, she will forever be the Lois Lane in my heart.

There have been numerous Lois Lanes through the years, from Noelle Neill and Phyllis Coates to Kate Bosworth and Amy Adams in the films, and from Phyllis Coates to Terri Hatcher to Erica Durance on television, with countless others providing voices to the intrepid reporter/love interest to the Man of Steel.

But in 1978, Margot Kidder appeared as Lois Lane in Superman: The Movie and from that point on, she has been my image of Lois.

Today, Packrat Comics hosted their second Annual “Not at Comic Con” Comic Con, and Ms. Kidder was a guest. I brought my girls out, and we stood in the rain to get inside, only to finally meet Ms. Kidder. Cordy and Mira wore their costumes from Disney, appearing as Tinkerbell and Snow White, and I wore the Superman costume that is responsible for getting me into costuming and for introducing me to the Heroes Alliance.

220px-Superman_ver1I joke that ever since my Superman suit ended up in the pool at one of the Heroes Alliance events, it attracts water, and today was no exception. We had a nice little thunderstorm while I was in line.

The store was crowded, although the atmosphere was fun, and as has become all too common with celebrity appearances, the rules about what you get with each purchase were a bit less clear than they should have been. But none of that changes the fact that meeting “my” Lois Lane was totally worth it.

I still mourn the fact that I never met Christophe Reeve. There are few celebrities who I actually cry over when they pass, and the two I can immediately think of are Jim Henson and Chris Reeve. Jim Henson taught me to believe in magic, and Chris Reeve made me believe a man could fly.

I’ll never get to shake his hand and tell him what his Superman meant to me, but today I at least got to do the same with Margot Kidder. I am extremely grateful for that.