Nightcrawler Returns in Amazing X-Men #1

So, in additional post-SDCC news releases from Marvel, a new X-title has been revealed, Amazing X-Men #1, from the creative team of Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness. In and of itself, this is kind of cool. Aaron is a hell of a writer, and McGuinness has a nice, solid, unique style that is a fan favorite. I’ve always dug it on some books, even as I’ve hated it on others.

The team line-up for this title is ok, consisting of Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Ice Man (and more). I’m not thrilled about other X-team that is focused around Wolverine, but considering he was just kicked out of the Avengers (at least for now), I can live with that. Storm should be busy enough in Brian Wood’s X-Men, and Beast and Ice Man are certainly not being underused in All-New X-Men, but fine, whatever.

But the the plotline kind of, I dunno, irks me.

So, the team is going “beyond the grave” (Marvel’s words) to reclaim Kurt Wagner’s soul (and to presumably bring him back to life). The press release goes on to say:

When Nightcrawler sacrificed his life to protect mutantkind in the cataclysmic Second Coming, a hole was left in the X-Men’s rank that has never been filled. Not a day goes by when any of the X-Men does not mourn the “heart and soul” of the their family—and now they’re going to do something about it!

The heart and soul of the X-Men? Really? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Kurt was well-loved. Heck, I love him and have even considered doing him as a costume down the line. But the heart and soul of the X-Men? Couldn’t that term be equally applied to, I dunno, Jean? Or the Professor? If one of the team deserves to have a team mounted to assault Hell in order to bring him back, I can’t honestly believe that Kurt is at the very top of that list – especially with Wolverine leading the team.

If it’s up to Logan? It’s Jean. It’s always Jean. And right now, with Scott becoming Magneto and not-quite back together with Emma (but I think it’s going to happen), and with teen Scott and Jean running around, now might actually be an interesting time to bring Jean back.

I don’t want to totally trash this book. There’s a lot of potential for good here. But I can’t quite bring myself to be excited about it.

Amazing X-Men #1, written by Jason Aaron, with interior art and a wraparound cover by Ed McGuinness, will be in comic shops November 2013.


  1. Jason Aaron has done quite a few vignettes building up Kurt as Wolverine’s moral center, his touchstone, as Greg Rucka had done before. Kitty has also lately been written as missing Kurt badly, especially when the Kurt from the AOA-verse came across. I do think Kurt has often functioned as one of the moral leaders without the baggage that Xavier would have as the boss.

    So especially given that it’s Jason Aaron writing it, I can see this happening.

    But I said on Facebook, though, I love Kurt myself… I just don’t trust Marvel to do right by him. Especially with Remember running around all “well the problem with you mutants is you won’t shut up about how you’re different, if you’d blend in everything would be FINE.” ‘Cause apparently that stops hate groups from blowing up busloads of children? Anyway…

    Jason Aaron is capable of wonderful, wonderful things that make me so happy and break my heart in good ways, but the return of Nightcrawler is probably not enough to bring me back to the X-books right now. I’m on sabbatical.