What Comes After Nobody’s Hero

by Aaron Einhorn
If you don’t know me personally, but have just stumbled across this blog somehow, you may not realize I’ve written a superheroic novel titled Nobody’s Hero, the story of Delia Blake, the daughter of two of the world’s greatest heroes who desperately does not want to follow in their footsteps. Hiding her own super abilities and keeping secrets from her friends and her superpowered ex-boyfriend, Delia has to learn to accept her own role as a hero before the heroes of her parents’ generation are wiped out.

It’s been read by several of my friends, and the response has been good enough that after I get some edits back, I’m going to begin shopping it around to agents and publishers. But while I wait for editors to return Nobody’s Hero, I’m trying to determine what to do with the sequel, because I really need to be writing something right now. I had originally thought I would do a different book for each member of the “Teen Trio,” (who will need a new name now that Delia is a part of the group), meaning I would next do a book from Mandy’s POV, then Jack, then Rob. I’d also considered writing a book focusing on Joe and Glitch. But ultimately, I think that sticking with Delia as a narrator would be better for series potential.

My problem being that I can’t figure out what the central conflict of the book should be about. Because “Nobody’s Hero” isn’t about the superheroic fights. It isn’t even really about who is killing the older generation of heroes. That’s just the backdrop behind Delia’s acceptance of herself as a hero, which is what the book is about. In much the same way that Nero’s defeat is a foregone conclusion in Star Trek, once Kirk has claimed the mantle of leadership and united with Spock; the defeat of the villain in Nobody’s Hero is a foregone conclusion once Delia has accepted herself as a hero.

So, writing the heroic action for the sequel? So not worried about that. I can create a villain and write some good action scenes. What I need is to figure out Delia’s journey for the book, and that’s what I’m just not sure about.
I kind of think that if Book One is about accepting her role as a hero, Book Two needs to be about finding out who *she* is, not defining herself as her parents’ daughter, or as Jack’s girlfriend. She needs to be Delia Blake, Miracle, not the child of Bobby Blaze and Winged Virtue, or the significant other of Jack Flash; which possibly means looking at graduating High School and deciding on college – especially since that’s the topic of discussion in the epilogue. Having her *personally* dealing with the challenges of superheroic life, the excuses, the missing classes and appointments, etc., will also have to factor significantly.

So, I’ve got lots of ideas, but I lack that central thread to tie it all together. Ah, the joys of being a writer.