Are We…? Are You… Inhuman?

by Aaron Einhorn
So, for the past few days, Marvel has been teasing us with the following teaser images.

Is he…? Are they…? Is she…? Are We…?
IsHe__ AreThey_ IsShe__ Are We_

Now, finally, they all make sense as they lead up to the final question…

Are you Inhuman?
Are You Inhuman_

And here’s the first teaser or possibly cover image for Marvel’s Inhumanity.


Considering the major role the Inhumans are playing in Infinity, I should have seen this one coming. Expect something bad to happen to the Blue Area of the Moon by the end of Infinity

We’ll learn more on September 18th.


  1. And here I was wondering if we were going back to the Skrulls…