Dragon Con 2013: One Geek’s Perspective, Part Three (Saturday)

by Aaron Einhorn


The big event Saturday morning at Dragon Con is the parade. The parade is a massive, epic event, with hundreds of costumers filling the streets of Atlanta while thousands of other people watch. Not all of these thousands of watchers are attendees of the convention, obviously, but many then go on to purchase One-Day passes to the convention, making Saturday the most crowded day of the event.

And I? I did not go to the parade, nor walk in it. The SCF typically walks in the parade with a banner, and many of my friends were there. However Christina and I chose to skip out on the parade and use that time of increased con activity to go check out the dealer’s room. And I’m glad we did, because even with the number of people out watching the parade, the vendor area was still very crowded.

But it was crowded for a good reason, because there was a lot of really cool stuff to be seen. Aisle after aisle of costume accessories, books, toys, statues, games, bags and more. I’ve been to some of the biggest conventions in the world before (six years of attending the San Diego Comic Con), but even so I was impressed by the selection I found here.

And it wasn’t just stuff that could be seen. There were authors and artists tucked away throughout the vendor area, which led to yet another celebrity encounter as Christina and I found our way to the table of Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn.

The film adaptation of that story has long been a favorite in our house, with Cordy and Mira both falling for its enchantment, and I’m a huge fan of the novelization. So, we couldn’t pass up the chance to meet Peter and purchase a signed copy of the graphic novel adaptation. Peter is a charming gentleman, who spent a significant amount of time with each customer in line, posing for pictures, and generally making himself appear to be the coolest grandfather ever.


But that wasn’t all that we did in the Vendor’s room. Remember that the previous day I had managed to sell off my Ultimate Spider-Man costumer? Well, it’s a good thing that we did, because while browsing the vendor’s hall, Christina showed me a corset she had noticed the day before.

I told her to go ahead and try it on. She did. And once it was laced up (complete with chemise, short-jacket and overskirt), I was convinced to hand over our credit card and cash.

That’s right. I had finally managed to get my wife into a superhero costume, even if it was a steampunk and feminized version of a costume.

Needless to say, we finished the outfit off with a cool pair of steampunk goggles, a pair of tights, and then she stole my boots and shield from U.S. Agent. And the final result? Steampunk American Dream.

I've been trying to get her back into a costume for years, ever since we stopped doing RenFaire together.

I’ve been trying to get her back into a costume for years, ever since we stopped doing RenFaire together.

Yeah, I was excited. I didn’t even care that it meant I wasn’t going to be able to wear U.S. Agent right away. Sadly, I couldn’t spend enough time as her costume handler (she’s used to being mine) because I had to get painted red for the Giant DC Universe shoot. I have since discovered that I hate spray-in hair color, but the effect worked for the day.

The shoot was awesome and epic, and I got to meet up with my Superman Blue counterpart for some really fun side-by-side shots.

Photo Credit: Badger Studios

Photo Credit: Badger Studios

A quick plug to Mehron’s cake makeup. While wearing both Superman Red and Jack of Hearts, I never had any makeup bleed. This impressed me, quite a bit.

Following the shoot, it was time for a quick run back to the room to change and get something to eat before putting Jack of Hearts back on and finishing setting Christina into costume so the two of us could attend the Heroes and Villains Ball.

American Dream and Jack of Hearts, ready to hit the town!

American Dream and Jack of Hearts, ready to hit the town!

The Ball was a blast, despite a short line to get in. The music was good and loud, and the number of obnoxious drunks was small. We danced away happily for over an hour, although Christina and I both realized that we’re not as young as we once were, and called it a night shortly after midnight.

Dragon Con was coming along well, and if this had been the end of the convention, I’d have had no complaints. But there was still one more day of the con to go, and it would be filled with just as many awesome experiences as the rest of the event.

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