Dragon Con 2013: One Geek’s Perspective, Part Two (Friday)

by Aaron Einhorn


This was my biggest, busiest day of the convention. We got up nice and early, had breakfast in the room, and then began the process of showering, shaving, costume fitting and putting on make-up to transform myself in to this:


That’s right, kids, I was off to the fabulous JLA vs. Avengers shoot, with special Guest of Honor, George Perez! I was really nervous about this shoot. Not only is Perez a living legend in comics, but I was going to be standing side-by-side with many costumers who I consider to be idols. Margie and Ned Cox, Danny and Heather Kelly and Brian Parsley are among the people I look to as inspiration and who I routinely ask when I’m stuck on how to do something with my costumes. And I was going to be a part of a themed shoot with them.

On top of that, I was dressed as a seriously obscure character, and I was scared as hell. Jack of Hearts’ costume is, shall we say, complex. Would anyone recognize me? Would I do it right? Also, this was the first time I had done a costume with serious make-up, and I was scared that it would melt off my face in the Atlanta sun.

Fortunately, my fears were unfounded. As soon as I got off the elevator (while Christina slept in), I heard “Jack of Hearts? Oh my god, I have never seen someone do that costume before!” and my picture was taken. Then, as I traveled to the photo site, I ran in to George Perez himself, who took my picture while in costume. Suddenly, I felt like I had arrived.

The shoot was awesome and epic, and I cannot wait until the video and photos arrive online. Everyone was super nice, especially my fight partner, Sean, whose Martian Manhunter is epic, and Allen Hansard, the director of the shoot. It took us over two hours, and many of us were sore by the time it was done, but man, it was worth it.

Photo credit: Pat Loika

Photo credit: Pat Loika

From there, it was back to my room to scrub my face, hang out with Christina, and to hit the Walk of Fame. While there, we met with John “Q” de Lancie, who was an absolute gentleman and who gave us a signed picture of Discord for our daughters while Christina bought a signed photo of Q for herself.

And he did all this, even while fighting a cold.

And he did all this, even while fighting a cold.

Later on, Christina would go to meet Peter “Doctor Number 5” Davidson, while I pulled on a pair of tights to become Miles Morales, the current Ultimate Spider-Man. It was time for the Spider-Man and Friends (and Foes) shoot, and it would be the last time I ever wore the incredible costume made for me by Brad West of Outrageous Outfits. She would also hit the dealer’s room and look at some items which we would ultimately end up purchasing.

This shoot was a lot less big, but no less fun than the one earlier in the day. Sadly, I had to bail early on the shoot because I was committed to another shoot, back in the Jack of Hearts get-up. It was fun hanging with the other Spideys, however, and I will be back into some version of the Webslinger’s get-up before too long.

While I dashed back and forth from my room to the Hilton stairs, Christina met up with another costumer and sold my Spidey suit. This would come in extremely handy later on in the weekend. But I didn’t have time to think about that – I had to get my cosmic groove on.

What a shoot that turned out to be. First off, it was fun to get even more “Oh my god!” comments about Jack of Hearts. But the absolute highlight of the experience was to see Ryan Ricks’ incredible Ultron costume, alongside so many other incredible, weird cosmic characters.


Photo Credit: Almost Nerdy
Ultron wasn’t here yet, but check out all the crazy 70’s costume designs!

From there, I went back to my room, got out of costume once again, and Christina and I had dinner at Aviva by Kameel. If you end up near the Peachtree Center mall, you have to eat here. The best mix of Mediterranean and Italian food you could imagine.

After dinner, we decided we would try to hit the Avengers Ball, which had me changing in to U.S. Agent for a time. The ball was a little quiet and tame, although we did see some really cool Formal-Dress-Female-Avengers, and I did run into several friends. Still, it was quiet enough that we headed off to attempt to hit the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Ball, which was held at our hotel.

That was the first time I really began to think that Dragon Con may have outgrown its space. The line to get into the ball went out of the ballroom, snaked down the lobby, in to a board room where it snaked around several times, and then down and around a corner where it vanished to who knows where.

Needless to say, we didn’t get to the ball. So, we called it another relatively early night, and returned to our room, but not before encountering a Dalek by the elevators.

Yeah, there’s someone in there.

Yeah, there’s someone in there.

The first full day of Dragon Con was down, but the convention was barely getting started. And the next day, I would manage something I’ve been trying to do for years…

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