Is He? Are They?

by Aaron Einhorn
Marvel is no stranger to weird little teasers. Right before the launch of the Heroic Age, there were a whole series of “I Am An Avenger” posts giving us silhouettes of the upcoming members of each Avengers team.

But their latest teasers, setting us up for a post-Infinity setting, have taken the cryptic to a new level.

Is he… what?!?!

Are they… what?!?!

According to Marvel, we’ll find out more on September 18th. And, ok, sure, I’m intrigued. But I’m more irritated. These are so vague, they’re right on the level of that annoying red-headed girl in second grade who would announce to the entire school during recess that “I’ve got a secret!”

Or maybe that’s just me.


  1. Could be another mutant storyline. They’ve got the new movie coming down the pipe and might want a tie-in event.

    It does have a “Bolivar Trask” feel to it.

  2. The “is he” has smoke in the background with blue lettering. Based on the partial reveal of an alive Nightcrawler in Wolverine and the X-Men, my guess is this is a tease that Nightcrawler is alive.

  3. If it weren’t for the fact that “Are they” has the same smoke pattern, I might think you were on to something.

    Also, Marvel openly admitted Kurt was coming back, so why release a teaser for it?