Call To Action! Report This Page!

by Aaron Einhorn
I wouldn’t normally post something like this, but part of the reason for the migration from Comic Hero News to this site was so that I could do a little bit more personal activity in this blog.

Facebook has become, for many of us, a kind of second life. Many of us keep in touch with friends through Facebook, we follow celebrities, and we take part in group discussions about our favorite fandoms. I have become friends with many costumers through Facebook, which let me have at least a basis for going up and talking to them when I attended DragonCon this past August.

And then there’s this.

For those of you not wanting to follow the link, here’s a screenshot.


That’s right. It’s a Facebook page called “Fat Costumers,” and despite the “disclaimer” that everything here is a joke, it is anything but.

I hesitated to post anything about this page, because the last thing I want to do is give the… people… running this page any more attention. But the truth is, this sort of thing should not stand. So I urge all of my friends, family, fellow costumers and other decent humans to go to this page (for the love of God, don’t “like” it) and report them.

I’m overweight. Not obese, but overweight. And every time I put on my costumes, all I can see in the pictures is the belly roll or double chin. But I do it anyhow because I love the characters, and I love putting smiles on the faces of children.

People like the ones who run this page represent all that is the worst in us, and make it that much harder for any of us who don’t have a perfect comic-book physique to gather up the courage to express ourselves, our fandom, or our love for the characters.

Don’t let them get away with it for one second longer.

Fat Superman



  1. Alexandra Lirtzman says:

    They've changed the name, but not the basic premise. Bunch of jerks!