University of Dayton Dance Marathon

by Aaron Einhorn
For fifteen years, the students at the University of Dayton have participated in a 15-hour Dance Marathon to raise money for the worthy and needy children who are patients at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Students participate in a variety of fund-raising activities leading up to and during the Dance Marathon. Each hour of the marathon has a theme, and this year Heroes Alliance Ohio were invited to be a part of their “Pop Culture” hour.

Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Iron Man and Rogue all came out to meet some of the patients of the hospital and to support the dancing students in their endeavors. And ended up getting pulled out onto the Dance Floor as well!

This was, without a doubt, one of the more unusual events the team has ever done. There were very few kids there, and most of our hour of attendance involved seeing us dance. And to be honest, it’s not bad that I play Superman, because I dance like a white boy from Kansas.

Still, through the efforts of the students, over $55,000 were raised for the hospital, and the team was more than happy to have been able to support them.

Special thanks to Wiccy and Manuella Galvan for photography and out-of-costume support.

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