Our First Look at the Newly Restored Miracleman!

by Aaron Einhorn
I wrote about it when they originally announced it, so you shouldn’t be surprised to know that I am terribly excited about Marvel’s reprinting of Miracleman. And now Marvel has given us a look at the first few pages of the comic.

And wow.

See, not only has this comic been out of print forever, but as great as the comic was, I was never thrilled with the final art. The colors were… just off somehow.

This looks as good as my memories of the original comic are (which are better than the actuality).

The full press release from Marvel follows, but if this doesn’t have you excited for the release of this comic come January, I don’t know what will.

The Wait is Over! Your First Look at the Remastered Miracleman #1!

The series that changed comics forever finally returns in 2014, and Marvel is proud to present your first look at the remastered MIRACLEMAN #1! Long out-of-print, these timeless, groundbreaking stories injected a new sophistication into the super hero genre still felt today.

“When these stories were originally colored, the artists were never consulted – and it shows” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “The coloring methods used at the time really hurt the finished product. But through close collaboration with all the artists, we’re proud to now present these stories in a manner that matches their creative vision.”

Working in closely with the original series artists, Miracleman has been remastered using the original artwork in every instance possible – and the most advanced restoration methods available applied to ensure the most authentic reading experience based on the artists’ original visions for the series.

“You’ve never really seen Miracleman, until you’ve seen this Miracleman,” said legendary Miracleman artist Garry Leach.“I’m positive this will rapidly be recognized as the all-time, definitive, Miracleman series. It’s simply looking that ridiculously sharp!”

In addition to material originally published in Warrior Magazine, Miracleman #1 also includes character designs, pencil sketches, original art, an article chronicling the history of Marvelman/Miracleman, an interview with Miracleman creator Mick Anglo, as well as a Mick Anglo’s first Marvelman stories. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the most popular comic few have ever read when Miracleman #1 makes it’s long overdue return to comic shops this January!


  1. Tom Bolenbaugh says:

    Okay, NOW I'm excited!