Marvel Brings New Warriors Back!

New_Warriors_1_Coverby Aaron Einhorn
I have always been a sucker for “teen hero” books. Teen Titans, Young Avengers, New Mutants, Power Pack, All-New X-Men – you name a teen title that has been released by Marvel or DC, and I’ve probably read at least a few issues of it (with the exception of some of the X-books when I wasn’t reading any of them).

But my favorite has probably always been New Warriors. Probably because of Speedball, but the entire original team just enthralled me. I’ve always liked Nova, Vance Astro (by whatever name), and Firestar, and the new members who joined the team over the years kept me just as engaged. I was deeply saddened when the title went away, and was deeply distressed when the precipitating events for Civil War were the fault of Speedball and crew.

So hearing that they’re coming back fills me with utter and complete joy.

What I’m most looking forward to (besides the fact that I think the creative team of Christopher Yost and Marcus To is just superb), is the team line-up.

Coming back to the team are Justice and Speedball – two characters who have undergone a lot of evolution since their original days with the team. We also have both Nova and Scarlet Spider coming into the team – but the Nova is the much more inexperienced Sam instead of Rich Ryder, and the Scarlet Spider isn’t the friendly Ben Reilly, but is instead Peter Parker’s clone, Kaine (which does make me question the quote about the team being made of “idealists,” but then it’s possible that Kaine has mellowed out in the pages of his solo title.)

As for the new characters of Sun Girl and Hummingbird – well, I don’t know anything about them, but from their names, there are some interesting parallels between them and original team members Firestar and Namora.

This is absolutely on my “must-buy” list.

Marvel’s press release regarding the announcement follows, along with some covers and interior pages from issue #1.

New Faces. New Threats – Your First Look at New Warriors #1

Witness the next generation of the Marvel Universe this February in New Warriors #1 – an all-new action packed ongoing series from blockbuster writer Christopher Yost and red-hot artist Marcus To! New Warriors mainstays Speedball and Justice are getting the band back together with a new team of heroes the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

“They’re eight people from different corners of the Marvel Universe, coming together to do the right thing, to be heroes,” says writer Christopher Yost, in an interview with “They’re not kids, they’re not seasoned heroes for the most part, but they’re idealists. Sometime it’s okay to be a hero for the sake of being a hero; to be with a team because they’re your friends, because it’s fun.”

“Sometimes the world just needs saving,” continued Yost.

Evolution has gone off the rails. There are super humans, mutants, Inhumans, clones, aliens, and more everywhere you turn. Humanity no longer exists as the dominant life form on the planet. And not everyone is pleased! The High Evolutionary has raised an army to combat these “superior” beings – through complete extermination!

Now, Speedball, Justice, Nova, Scarlet Spider, Sun Girl, Hummingbird and more must stand together against the rising tide. Don’t miss a fresh start for the heroes of tomorrow this February in the exciting New Warriors #1!

New Warriors #1
Art & Cover by MARCUS TO
FOC –01/27/14 On-Sale -02/19/14

New Warriors #1 Cover

New Warriors #1 Cover

New Warriors #1 Cover - Campbell Variant

New Warriors #1 Cover – Campbell Variant

New Warriors #1 Cover - Young Variant

New Warriors #1 Cover – Young Variant

New Warriors #1 Cover - Sanbee Animal Variant

New Warriors #1 Cover – Sanbee Animal Variant

New Warriors #1 Pg. 01

New Warriors #1 Pg. 01

New Warriors #1 Pg. 02

New Warriors #1 Pg. 02

New Warriors #1 Pg. 03

New Warriors #1 Pg. 03


  1. I really liked Speedball as Penance, actually. But we shall see how this goes.