Visit to the Childhood League Center

by Aaron Einhorn
The Childhood League Center is a preschool near Nationwide Childrens’ Hospital that provides preschool and special needs services to children from the ages of 18 months to 6 years old. Most of the enrolled children have special needs. Each year, a group of volunteers plan several activities throughout the year to enrich the students’ learning experience and provide respite for the caregivers. On Saturday, February 22, 2014, the volunteers offered a day of care for the children and to provide respite for the caregivers of these children. The members of the Heroes Alliance Ohio were invited out to take part in this day and to help brighten up the day for the children.

Batgirl, Captain America, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Spider-Man were overjoyed to be able to go and visit with the children in their classrooms, getting to see the activities they were involved in, and to share hugs and high-fives with the kids.

Special thanks to Stephen Blanzaco and Rick Merola for out-of-costume support and photography.

Founded in 1945 by a group of visionary women, The Childhood League champions educational opportunities for all children. The Childhood League Center, located in downtown Columbus across the street from Nationwide Children’s Hospital, provides a broad range of early childhood educational programs and therapeutic services for children from birth to age 6 in an inclusive environment.

With generous support from the League, individuals and companies in the community, the Center is committed to providing the best possible early learning opportunities for children with and without special needs through a combination of home-based and Center-based programming. To learn more about the Childhood League Center and the Childhood League, visit

To learn more about the Heroes Alliance, visit