Mom-Son Superhero Party

Every year, all across the country around Valentine’s Day, community centers have Father-Daughter Dances, which is great, but why should Dads and their little girls have all the fun? What about the moms and their boys?

With that in mind, the Delaware Community Center YMCA hosted the 2nd Annual Mom-Son Superhero Party, and the Heroes Alliance were honored to be invited out as a part of the event, along with several local real heroes in the form of Firefighters and Police Officers.

Batman, Batgirl, Captain America, Doctor Fate, Gambit, Rogue, Spider-Man, Supergirl and Superman were overjoyed to be on hand, meeting the kids and their moms, joining in on the dancing, playing superhero-themed games, and signing autographs.

Thanks to Stephen Blanzaco and Carol Martin for out-of-costume support and photography!

This was the second year for the event, and over 200 moms and their sons turned out for the evening. The members of Heroes Alliance Ohio had a blast, and really hope to return next year.

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  1. Aaron I’m continually so impressed by how the folks in your group have found a way to combine a personal interest with a way to give back to the community!