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My Super Hero

1276913_10201087475162069_1480911052_oby Aaron Einhorn
Hello, internet. It’s been a busy few weeks. Two weeks ago, the family took a trip to Walt Disney World. Last week, the Heroes Alliance Ohio branch did an appearance for the opening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and I’d really like to get a review of that movie up here (the short version was that I really liked it.)

But there’s something more pressing for me to write about, and that’s to take a moment to thank the hero I look up to more than any other.

My wife.

Christina works tirelessly at her job working for BlogHer, and for all that she works from home, she routinely puts in well over forty hours a week. She tends not to log all of her hours, but I see the time she puts into her job. In addition, she maintains a blog and is involved with the school PTA.

But that’s not why she’s a hero.

She doesn’t always realize it, but she puts in a superhuman amount of effort for taking care of our daughters. Cordy’s autism means that there are a million tiny little challenges that are invisible until you stumble upon them, but she manages a complicated dance of arranging school schedules, outside activities, therapies, school meetings, doctors’ appointments, prescriptions and over-the counter supplements.

And then there’s our local school.

Columbus City Schools have, in the past year, twice caused us to go to war. The first time was with an ill-conceived levy that would have turned too much of the public school system over to private industry and charter schools, and the second time with a plan to change the way the Gifted and Talented programs are administered in a way that will be harmful to many of the kids in the district, and specifically will cause chaos and havoc in the lives of Cordy and Mira.

(You can read more about it here and here.)

Christina beats herself up because she feels like she doesn’t do enough. She apologizes to me for being so distracted and not there for me. She has no idea how much I admire her courage and dedication.

I love you, dear, more than I can ever say. But posting it here for the whole world to see is a start.