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Happy Birthday to Hurricane Mira

by Aaron Einhorn

Eight years ago at this time, Christina and I were sitting at OSU Hospital, after a long night of “fun,” waiting to meet her for the first time.

The day before had seen us at Marcon and the Zombie Walk, and on our way back to the car, Christina said to me “Huh. I’m feeling some cramping.”

That night, we called her mother to watch Cordy, tried to get some sleep before true labor started, and then when we woke up around 1:00, called her doula.

It would be another 8 hours before Mira finally chose to make her appearance. It’s been another 8 years until now.

She is Hurricane Mira. An unstoppable force, full of energy, and completely fearless, but when she gets tired she suddenly reminds us that she is, in fact, a very little girl, and sometimes she gets scared. She loves to bully her sister, but is amazingly sweet. She understands how to play social games, but can’t comprehend why people choose to be mean. She is brilliant, funny, and always on the go. A living paradox who I hope to spend the next several decades trying to understand.

I sometimes joke that as a parent, my job is to protect Cordy from the world, and the world from her. At other times, I say that she has the choice of learning to use her powers for Good or for Awesome, and I am trying to point her towards the girl.

At eight years old, she has already shown that she has earned a spot at the gaming table, and she is desperate for Daddy to decide she’s old enough to attend the movie marathon.

She is our Mira, and I love her absolutely and completely. Happy Birthday.


Photo taken at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Mira had gone through her mermaid makeover that morning, and one of the outstanding Disney photographers took this picture for us, giving us the magical surprise of adding in Sebastian.