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Musicals and Mira

Jekyll_And_Hyde_Complete_Works_The_Gothic_Musical_Thrillerby Aaron Einhorn
I’m a huge fan of Broadway musicals, and by extension, many film musicals. I think that my love of Disney films at least partially is due to that.

I’ve been trying to share some of my favorite musicals with the girls lately. And while Cordy is pretty indifferent to them, Mira finds them quite enjoyable, although I have to spend a lot of time while we’re listening explaining them to her. “Ok, so in this song, Tarzan’s ape father, Kerchak, is talking to Kala to show that even though he banished her and Tarzan, he still loves her.”

We started with Broadway adaptations of Disney, logically enough. At least in those cases she knows the characters and the stories, and some of the music. Tarzan was the first stretch there, but she got through it. And both Cordy and Mira have loved listening to the music of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.

At her school, Mira and Cordy are both a part of the Chess Club, so I thought I’d share Chess: In Concert with them. It’s got good music, they enjoy the game of chess, and that version at least features the voice of Elsa from Frozen. And they’ve liked it a lot.

Recently, Mira has been asking me about the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and while I’m going to grab a copy of the book for her to read, it made me think about one of my favorite musicals that I haven’t listened to in years, so I figured I’d get Jekyll and Hyde (the concept album, not the Broadway cast recording) downloaded back onto my iPhone for them to listen to in the car. I haven’t actually been in the car with them since we discussed this, but I’ve been listening to it myself over the past two days and remembered how much I loved it.

I also made some observations on this listen-through.

1) Linda Eder is freaking amazing. The way she mixes in the lower-class London accent with her amazing singing voice in the same line is nothing short of astonishing.

2) “This is The Moment” is right up there with “Love is an Open Door” (from Frozen) for Most Ironic Song in a Production. In any other film, “Love is an Open Door” would be a really great, really cute love song between Hans and Anna. The problem with it, of course, is that in the rest of the film you discover that Hans is a manipulative sociopath who was playing Anna like a fiddle. Similarly, “This is the Moment” is an incredible, awesome, inspiring “Seize the Day!” kind of song… until you realize that it’s the song where Jekyll decides “Ok. Going to use the formula on myself.” In other words, if you look at the rest of the show, “This is the Moment” is really a song that should make you go “Ya know, maybe not. Maybe I’ll think about this a little longer and not do something rash and life-altering.”